Through photography, I seek to discover beauty, natural human beauty in the purest sense. Whether it's through the classic concept of a model or whether it is what society would label as abnormal, weird or imperfect, I search for beauty in the light and shadow of the spine, the undulations of the muscles and bones, the texture of the skin, through sadness. I want to discover the real human in the pictures. I do not presume to go as deep as a person's soul, but to reveal the genuine and unique being behind the facade presented to the public. I find truth through the graceful and elegant movements and poses inspired by a dancer after a long performance in the way the arms and hands rest, the toes curl back and the neck curves. I wish to tell the story of how all human beings are perfect in their own way, just the way nature made them. I feel that this is really like philosophical anthropological research, by learning about the way muscles and bones work, the expression of certain poses, the effect of cold on the surface of the skin, the expressions of the face. That's why it is always in nude, nothing else, against a plain background. 

Dolce & Gabbana | Fay | La Martina | Elisabetta Franchi | Elena Mirò | Brett Johnson | Punto Lineare | Daniel Pascal Tanner | Rollacoaster | Fucking Young | King Kong | The Yearbook | Idol

Based in London, Milano & Valencia. For any enquiry or portfolio request email studio@leonardobornati.co.uk

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